Who we are

The tree nursery Schmid is a family run business in the third generation. It specializes in large ornamental plants and topiaries for gardens, domestic and living spaces. The tree nursery Schmid provides a well-balanced range of approved plants and rare, unknown varieties. We especially feature large specimens – freestanding individual plants with their own character – that, thanks to our purpose made containers, can be transplanted irrespective of season. The nursery cultivates its specimens by hand over many years. Our aim is to introduce our customers to new and forgotten varieties and to let them discover the pleasure of a well cared for individual plant and the garden as living space.

With its reputation and its nationwide prominence the tree nursery Schmid stands for quality and professional know-how. 20 minutes south of Basel the tree nursery Schmid cultivates 5 ha open field and 0,5 ha container area.

How we work


The customer will receive exactly what he has ordered – and only in best quality. Varietal purity is our top priority.


Our plants are raised over years and cultivated until they reach their ideal shape. In this process living creations with their own character develop. These timelessly beautiful and exclusive plants are the reward for our labour and patience..


KHardly any tree leaves our care before it is ten years old. Most plants are between 15 and 20 years old. In the tree nursery Schmid there are trees planted by the founder generation more than 50 years ago. We give our plants all the time they want.

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