Private customers


A garden is a living space and as such it should be furnished with great care. Space, soil and light conditions, but also your personal taste counts. What kind of vegetation do you like? How high should your plants grow? Are you looking for a specimen or do you need sight protection? And how does it all fit together harmoniously?

In the tree nursery Schmid you will get advice from experienced nursery experts. We consider it vital to provide enough space for our plants in the nursery, so they can present their unique character. Thus it is easy for our customers to visualise the plants in their future surrounding.

Of course we will also advise you on all you like to know about the care of for your plants. We arrange deliveries and planting throughout Switzerland.


Are you looking for a special plant? We are in contact with nurseries all over Europe and will procure every plant for you promptly and in a non-bureaucratic manner.

Landscape Gardeners

We offer a wide range of sturdy plants in our approved air-pot containers. This allows you to plant the largest trees all year round and they will continue to grow without transplantation shock. If ever we do not stock a plant you require, we will organise it for you in the shortest possible of time.

We have converted our nursery quarter into a generous park-like site to give full effect to each plant. We are pleased to offer you the possibility to bring your customers to the nursery and turn the selection of suitable plants into a memorable experience.

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